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​"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world." Nelson Mandela

Group time

Group time happens in the beginning and the end of each day where both classes have time to all play together.

Meals and snacks

Every day, both classes sit down together to have lunch and snack. Honey Bear will provide a healthy snack and a menu to follow along with.

Outdoor playtime

Both classes will spend a hour outside twice a day, weather permitting. Outdoor playtime is a big time for children, as they build of their physical skills.

Busy Bee Class (2-3 Year Old)

Making art, stacking blocks, imaginative play - no matter what your toddler loves to do or where they are developmentally, we'll help them explore their interests as they play and learn. We use American Sign Language in our daily activities at Honey Bear, which has been shown to help with nonverbal communication. Your child will be able to effectively communicate their needs with teachers and peers. Our toddler program if filled with fun daily activities like sorting, counting and movement songs to support physical skills like jumping. It is supported by our highly-qualified staff, making Honey Bear an amazing place for your child to grow.

Honey Bear Class (4-5 Year Old)

Our teachers are here to offer the most inspiring learning environment for your preschooler. Your child will practice math, science, social skills and language though hands-on learning. Preschoolers start to do sciences experiences, such as sink vs float, that help them build critical thinking skills, memory and focus. They stay healthy by playing outdoors and dancing to movement songs. Children in our classroom are constantly building on their new skills which includes making friends and communication feelings. We teach them how to resolve their conflicts and support them in making friends. Teachers give them the tools they need and watch them explore. 

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