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Director of UT-CDC

Sandra has great classroom management skills. She is a fun teacher. She is engaged and involves her children in all aspects of the room. They learn how to be helpful and self-sufficient while in her class. Sandra teaches them problem solving skills and how to work with one another.

My son is 2 and has been at Honey Bear since May 1st... a little over 3 months! We LOVE IT. Ms Sandra.. and her family are now apart of our family. This location is actually about 35 minutes away from my home/job, so its obviously not convenient BUT we feel so connected/comfortable that we will stay here as long as we can! My boy has learned so much since being here, including skills.. etc. Soon potty training! The facility is always clean/organized. Its also super innovative/interactive.. all the homemade stations are awesome! So much beautiful diversity in the children, you can tell Ms Sandra loves what she does and all her kiddos! I could write a book.. but CHECK IT OUT! you will not be disappointed.

Children in the class were excited to share their creations, talk with teacher, and seek help-evidence that Sandra have created a fun and comfortable environment. Sandra frequently uses supportive and specific language. She talks with children in depth about the school garden following children's interest and expanding on their questions and comments.

Kristal, parent

Texas Rising Stars

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